All volunteers must complete the following steps before starting to work:

  1. Fill out the volunteer application
  2. Sign volunteer waivers
  3. Meet with the Director of the Adoption Center for orientation
  4. Schedule a time for your first work shift.  You will work alongside a staff member for orientation.  We will have to schedule this for a time when we have adequate staff to provide training.
  5. Read the Volunteer Handbook and understand all volunteer policies

We do place some restrictions on who can be a volunteer because of our liability insurance coverage.

All volunteers must be 18 or older.  Volunteers should not bring children under that age to the Adoption Center without the approval of the Director.

Persons under 18 who wish to volunteer must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are allowed to volunteer only with the permission of the Director.

Persons wishing to bring several children to “play” with the animals will need to call ahead and schedule a time when a staff member can be with them and their children.

Volunteer Jobs

Rescue the Animals, SPCA is looking for volunteers who are serious about helping animals organization and are willing to make a time commitment of an average of eight hours a month. Please be realistic in determining the number of hours you can give each month.

Here are some of the jobs we have for volunteers:

Cat Socialization

Provide exercise, play and hands-on activities for cats in our Adoption Center.

Dog Socialization

Provide exercise, play, leash manners and hands-on activities for dogs in the kennels.


Wash and groom dogs and cats to make them shine!  Everyone feels better when they look good.

Transport Team

If you can travel, we need help hauling cats and dogs to rescue groups in other cities.  Our goal is to save up to 200 animals each year that would not find homes in our area.

Greeter / Office Worker

We needs folks who are good with people to help people looking for their new pets.  We also have lots of office work if you do not get enough of that at your own job!

Mobile Adoption Team

We have a beautiful mobile adoption trailer that we take to locations all over town for adoptions. We need people who can staff the trailer.  Most events are on Saturday, but some are on weekdays.


We need people who can foster kittens and puppies.  These young animals do not do well in our main facility because they do not have fully developed immune systems.  If you can take a litter or a puppy or two for up to 12 weeks, we need your help.

Abuse and Neglect Team

We need folks from all over West Texas to help us with abuse and neglect cases.  We work in over 20 counties and often need local contacts in other counties.


We always need help with fundraising.  We need to reach new groups of pet lovers to involve them in our mission.  Planning a fundraiser with a group of your friends can be a big help to our animals.

Special Events

We hold several events each year like our Fur Ball (Feb.) and our Dachshund Races (July).  We need lots of help preparing for and staffing these events.

New Ideas

We need your ideas for new projects!  How can we adopt more animals?  How can we raise more money?  You may have just the idea we need.

Humane Education

We do lots of programs each year in the community to advance humane education.  We need your help to convince the world to provide better care for animals.

Handy Person / Gardener

If you have a green thumb and love outdoor work, we have lots to do.

Collection Box Locations

We need more locations for our Rescue the Animals, SPCA collection boxes.  Perhaps you know of an animal friendly business that will take one.

Aluminum Can Save Lives

A great job you can do from home is collect aluminum cans for us.  Cans can be dropped off at our Adoption Center (5933 South First) twenty-four hours a day.  They are an important source of revenue for our medical needs.



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