Published: December 4, 2013


Here are some things on how Tre has been doing in his new home. He is the second oldest of four rescued dogs. He has "sisters" and a "brother", and of course he adores all of them (and everyone else he meets!).

Tre's favorite snacks are basted dog biscuits, rawhide chews, and carrots. He also takes great pleasure in destroying plush toys and digging in the water bowl. Thankfully he reserves spraying water out of his bowl drenching everything within a three yard radius for the back patio!

We weren't looking for another dog but his ravishing looks and missing leg caught our attention, and his personality and willingness to learn captured our hearts. Since his adoption about a month ago he has proven himself to already be housetrained, he crate trained quickly, and he has learned "sit and "down". He already allows us to groom him at home as well. His favorite new command, however, is "Come, Tre!". He loves rushing to come when we call him.

Although we believe his missing leg may keep him from jumping up on people and from jumping in our SUV he shocked us and made us do a double take when he lept gracefully onto our couch and made himself at home. Tre doesn't let his missing leg slow him down. He loves to run around the backyard and not only keeps up with our three other dogs but can pass them up as they race. When people stare and ask about his missing leg I tell them to quiet down, Tre doesn't know he only has three legs!

Tre loves being the center of attention. He is happiest sitting on my feet while I watch TV and getting a rub-down. If I stop petting him he is quick to steal back my attention by putting a paw on my lap until I either resume petting him or hold his paw in my hand.

I'm enclosing four photos, two of Tre being goofy at home, one in his halloween football jersey, and one of him with our other rescues all in the football-themed costumes. Let me know if you have any more questions for us. Although we have rescued several dogs, we were quite impressed with Rescue the Animals and what you do for these animals.

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