Published: May 5, 2016


We just received this great picture and update on Spirit:


We came into SPCA around December 2011 and adopted Spirit when she was still a puppy. When you all got her she was covered in mange and had to be nursed back to health. We brought her home to Albuquerque where she has been for the past 5 years. I thought you all might enjoy an update on how she's doing. We finally discovered after seeing two vets and a skin specialist that she had skin mites (got all that all cleared up!) and had a severe head aversion that was the likely result of her being abused by a prior owner.  I'm happy to report she's doing great, she gets walks several days a week, eats Blue Buffalo food and plays with her brother Max a standard poodle every day.  My girlfriend who is a dog trainer worked patiently with her and has gotten her mostly over her head aversion, and she's learned several new tricks.  I wanted to thank you all for looking after her while she was with your shelter.  She's a loved, healthy and cherished dog in our family.



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