Published: March 31, 2016


We received a note and photo of a dog adopted from the Abilene Animal Shelter with a rebate form.  We asked the adopter for more info and here is what he sent back!

Thank you for your note along with the rebate check!  I am happy to send you the picture of Sam!  I'm sending several, she is such a cutie!  I would be happy to tell you more about her - she has brought me so much joy, from so much sadness.  My dog Aggie and I moved to Abilene for a temporary job at First Baptist Church.  (I got Aggie from a family who had to move to another town and couldn't take her with them... they had rescued her 5 years before - someone had dumped her in the country).  She was such a sweetheart - lab/weimaraner/great dane mix and I was so excited to have her (having been without a dog during college/dorm years).  Shortly after we arrived in Abilene, she started feeling bad and they had to do emergency exploratory surgery, and found inoperable cancer and had to put her down right after the surgery.  I was devastated.  My mom had jumped in the car and driven out to Abilene to be with me and it was a very hard weekend.  I knew right away that I wanted another dog - not to replace Aggie - but to be my companion as Aggie had done such a good job of!  We started looking at pictures on the website and went to both shelters to meet some of the available dogs.  When we got to the second shelter (City of Abilene) they were about to close so we were going quickly through and looking for some we had seen online.  As we were walking out of one wing, we noticed the last cage, where this beautiful little girl was sitting quietly among all the loud barking.  I stopped and sat down in front of her, she put her cute little freckled furry foot out to touch me, and that was it!  They came through telling everyone to leave and that I didn't have time to adopt her that day.  So I came back on Monday morning as soon as they opened to be first in line!  (I was third, so as soon as the doors opened I ran to her!)  She came home with me that day, and is just the sweetest girl!  She walked with me through the saddest time, and I feel like I did the same for her!  We were instantly connected - it was meant to be.  She was already trained and is definitely a lap dog!  She has to touch, and loves to be petted.  She loves little children, and just lays down for them to pet her!  Hope you enjoy these pictures of her!  She is such a joy!

Thank you,

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