Our Girl Bella

Published: December 4, 2013

Our Girl Bella

"Bella was one of six puppies in her litter.  I fell in love with her the minute I saw her and knew she would be going home with me.  She has made our life so much happier and enjoyable.  She is on the go from the time she gets up until she goes to bed at night.  Jo Ann had called her Gidget, but to me she is Bella.  I would be lost without her.  She gives me unconditional love and asks for nothing in return, only for me to love her and take care of her."

Shari Stringfellow wrote us about her adopted dog.  She continued, 

"Bella does so many funny and hilarious things.  One time I was getting ready for bed and had my clothes on the bed to take to the dirty laundry hamper.  All of a sudden she jumped up on the bed, grabbed my bra and took off running through the house with it.  My husband and I were laughing so hard trying to get it away from her.  I finally caught her and got it away from her.  Another time she got my husband's underwear and took them under the bed.  She wasn't about to let us take them away, but we finally got them.  She keeps us on our toes."


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