Published: December 19, 2016


You know an adoptor is SERIOUS when they come to an event with a brand new crate they bought for a cat they haven't met yet!

Elisabeth adopted Momma Kitty at our adoption event at Lee Orthodontics.  She sent us this the following week:

"She was a little scared when I first got her home, mostly hid under the recliner. But even that first day her and Darla "clicked". They went nose to nose and there was no raised fur or hissing.
I took it as a very good sign.
By the second day she had made herself at home.
Sleeping on the bed with Darla (the dog) and in my lap when I'm sitting in the recliner reading.
When we go to bed I wake up with her sleeping on my hip its really funny.
She wants to be as close to us as possible and she is the perfect fit.
I'm very happy to have her here."



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