Lady: A Love Story

Published: May 13, 2014

Lady: A Love Story

Kaylee J Nabors has sent us a success story:


My husband, Jamie, and I were six months into our marriage. We were ready for more commitment but knew we weren’t ready for kids quite yet. We lived in a town house that was run by Jamie’s then 6 yr old Jack Russell, Lilly. As active duty military members we are both quite active, but Lilly was a true Jack Russell in the since that she wanted to play 24/7 we had the time for her but not always the constant energy at 6 in the morning. The answer to all of our issues was a play mate for her and a puppy for us to raise and train together. We instantly knew that we wanted a “rescue dog” but we didn’t know exactly what breed mix was right for us. We waited and looked and had about given up when we took Lilly for her monthly trip to the pet store for a new toy. There happened to be an adoption event happening that day. We walked past each of the cages hoping to feel an attraction to one of the sad little faces. The only face that grabbed our attention was a little puppy who reminded me of a cow, she had back and white large markings like a dairy cow. We looked at her and held her for probably 20 mins but something just wasn’t right. Lilly wasn’t her biggest fan and there just wasn’t any connection.  We went home with a new toy, but just one dog. The rest of the weekend I couldn’t stop thinking about the cute little “cow” puppy. After bugging my husband about her all weekend he took me to Abilene Animal services shelter Monday after work.  Bless the cute little Cow puppy’s heart another family had adopted her at the event. The lady at the counter told me that they still had some of her littermates available and that time was running out for all of the family. When we went to their kennel one little girl with the sweetest eyes looked up at us. My husband likes a dog with a natural play about them and this puppy sure had it. We let her out of the kennel and she tripped over the little gutter in front but popped right back up and jumped on Jamie’s lap looking for a game. I look for a gentle kindness in a dog, an animal that really has soul. After the little girl was worn out from Jamie’s game she came over and sat on my lap and looked in my eyes as if saying she trusted me and fell asleep. I couldn’t put her down. She knew she was ours and we were all in love with each other. We still worried about Lilly’s reaction but the woman that helped us through the adoption process assured us that if she didn’t work out we could bring her back within so many days. That would not be a factor for us.  We were shocked when we came home and the games instantly started when we walked in the door with our little Lady. Here we are a year and some change later. Lilly and Lady are best friends and now have a little “brother” Leonard (the L names just kind of stuck).We currently live on five acres and our dogs have goat and sheep friends which our blue-heeler mixed Lady loves to gently  herd. We had our ups and downs with the training process, (which can be normal with pound puppies, especially those that didn’t have mothers from an early age) but through it all we found love.  I loved my husband for getting up in the middle of those first few nights when she missed her kennel mates and for getting home before me to clean up the messes in the kennel that happened between lunch breaks and coming home. I loved him for making me go to the shelter to rescue such a sweet soul, I loved him for being him.  I loved Lilly for teaching Lady how to be good dog and how to stay close when leashes weren’t necessary and for being patient with the little puppy. I loved our friends for their play time and letting us socialize with their dogs.  And I loved Lady, she is sweet and caring and rambunctious in all the right ways. Whenever people talk about wanting to add a little bundle of furry love to their family, I always refer them to AAS or Rescue the Animals and share our tale with them, Lady: A love story.


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