Gentle Soul

Published: December 4, 2013

Gentle Soul

Jessi Lindley and family adopted Shu Ling during our Fall event.

“Our little Chinese Crested, Shu Ling, Chinese for "Gentle Soul," is adored by the whole family. After just a few days, she loves each of us, curling up in our laps, wanting to be carried and talked to. She enjoys tearing around the house and leaping off the ends of the couch over and over and racing through the house. She is quiet, but such a good listener, cocking her head one way and then another when we talk to her. She seems to think our singing together is pretty funny the way she watches us. She seems so delighted to finally have a home, she just bounces with joy.” 

We called this puppy Cry-Baby which may explain the singing!   

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