Published: April 12, 2017


Recently we received an email from the owner of a dog named Delilah.  She adopted her on December 21st, 2016 thru Helping Hounds located in Dewitt, New York (near Syracuse).  Just in time for Delilah to spend Christmas in the Finger Lakes!

In researching her dogs origins, she uncovered the true nature of cooperation between animal rescue groups.  See, Helping Hounds got Delilah from a Transport from Texas named "Love on Wheels".  They partner with this group to relocate dogs for adoption.  Love on Wheels is a product of a group called Humane Tomorrow based in Flower Mound Texas.  Humane Tomorrow is a foster based rescue.  Delilah's new family even got the name of her foster mom in her file history.  Humane Tomorrow found this foster home for her and 49 other dogs they called the Callahan 50!  They fostered these dogs to help out the Humane Society of North Texas, who had taken in over 200 Animals from a seizure in Callahan County.  Yes, that one.  The Eula Seizure that we helped investigate and were present at.  We donated $10,000 to the HSNT to help take care of the medical for these dogs.  

So Delilah's new owner traced her back to seizure pictures on our website and sent us this story, and picture.

"We drove 3 hours through a snowstorm to meet her the same day she came in on the truck after a three day journey.  We had seen a picture and video of her online and just knew she was meant to be part of our family.  She's completed her AKC Good Citizen class and is beginning advanced class in April, since she was the class star!  She is at her appropriate weight now and has a clear bill of health.  We hope to certify her as a therapy dog if she continues to be suitable for that.  She is already doing some work attending a group with adults and youth who have anxiety and PTSD.  I suspect that you normally only see the worst in many animal's lives and I just wanted you to see the happy ending that you made possible. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. "

Thank you!  We LOVE this story!

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