Starving Dogs Seized in South Taylor County

Published: April 13, 2016

One dies, others improving with emergency care.

Rescue the Animals, SPCA seeks donations for medical care.

     Recently, Rescue the Animals, SPCA assisted the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department in seizing 4 dogs that were severely neglected at a home in south Taylor County.  Rescue the Animals, SPCA investigator Lynn Pitcox assisted Deputy Barry Jones of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department in removing the animals from the home and taking them to a local vet.

     There were 4 dogs on the property at the time of the seizure.  One was in such bad shape from starvation that it had to be taken to the vet and euthanized.  The other three are walking skeletons, and are being evaluated for medical problems in addition to starvation.

     The Chihuahua weighed only 5.4 pounds.  The other two were large dogs (or should have been) and weighed 17.1 pounds and 34 pounds each.

     We want to thank Dearing Veterinary Clinic for providing excellent emergency care to the survivors.  They are responding well and gaining weight.
     The court has awarded custody of the dogs to Rescue the Animals SPCA where they will be given medical treatment and nursed back to health before being placed in new homes.

     Rescue the Animals, SPCA is asking for donations to help with the medical expenses related to this case and other cruelty cases.

     “We hope that everyone in the Big Country will report cases of animal abuse or neglect that they see,” said Paul Washburn, President, of Rescue the Animals, SPCA.  “The only hope animals like these have is for people to call local law enforcement or Rescue the Animals, SPCA. We believe that only a small percentage of cruelty and abuse cases are ever reported.”

    Report Animal Abuse by calling 325-698-SPCA.

     Rescue the Animals, SPCA assists law enforcement agencies in more than 20 West Texas counties in investigating animal abuse and cruelty as well as providing care for abused animals after they have been removed from danger.