Service Dogs for Vets

Published: June 7, 2017

We are very proud of Arlo (known around Rescue the Animals as Red Arlo, since we had another dog with the same name).  Arlo came to Rescue the Animals in early 2017 from the City of Abilene Animal Services.  Here is the first time our Volunteer Lora who pulled Red Arlo saw him.   

He was adopted, but then returned because the adopters felt he and their other dog were not really getting along well.

One of our POGO partners knew a guy who was looking for dogs to train as service dogs.  Lora knew immediately that Arlo could do that.  She sent video of Arlo with one of our Volunteer's daughters.  The rest is history.  

Mike Rowland, trainer and founder of Animal Training & Development Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been working to train service dogs for Veterans with PTSD.  Arlo was sent to Mike who paired him with Veteran Dean in February of 2017. See all the great photos of them training together thru multiple sessions.

Recently Mike posted this Video of Arlo's Story and progress!  They were halfway thru training this July and progress is great!  Way to Go Arlo!

UPDATE 09/09  Another milestone reached for Arlo! Here he is sporting his new "Service Dog in Training" vest. He was so proud as you can tell by the grin on his face, and we are too!