Rescue the Animals, SPCA Shih Tzu Update:

Published: November 21, 2018

We now have homes for all the Shih Tzus from the recent seizure.  The dogs will be leaving Abilene for their new homes as soon as the final court deadline is past and all their medical work is done.

Instead of adopting the dogs locally and taking 78 homes that could have gone to dogs from the Abilene Animal Shelter, they will be sent to member groups in our Pets on the Go National Network who assist us in placing over 1,000 animals per year.  This network allows us to handle many large seizures every year.

One major problem with these dogs is that they seem never to have been outside in their lives.  This means they may have severe problems being housebroken.  The dogs were pooping on the floors, the furniture, the beds, and counter tops, or they were confined to their crates and sat on their own poop.  Our partner rescue groups will take their time in placing the dogs to be sure the new adopters realize that a lot of patience will be needed.

In the meantime, we will have empty kennels to handle more animals that are out of time.  Just 2 days before this seizure, we sent a very large group of dogs out to our partners.  If we had not done that, we would not have been able to assist Callahan County with this seizure.

The vast majority of people who showed an interest in the dogs locally just wanted a “small house dog.”  There will be plenty of these dogs at the Abilene Animal Shelter during our huge Home for the Holidays sale that starts November 26 and runs till December 31.

Dogs for adoption can be found on the City of Abilene website or on Facebook at City of Abilene Animal Services.

Also, remember that the City of Abilene low-cost spay/neuter program offers surgeries at prices everyone can afford.  Call the Animal Shelter for details.