Pet Partners

Published: July 27, 2016

Pet Partners are donors who give a monthly amount.  There are several ways to become a Pet Partner.  You can have us autodraft from your checking account.  We can debit your credit card each month.  You can set up a recurring donation thru our Network for Good donation page, you can set up a recurring donation thru PayPal, or you can simply mail a check every month!  Pet Partners allow us to know that each month a certain amount of money will just "show up" in our account to be used as needed.  It also allows the donor to give a little each month, without really feeling the pinch.

Please consider a monthly donation and become a Pet Partner today!  How much can you do without each month to help us save cats and dogs?


Current Pet Partners

Keely and Matt Acklin
Goldie Aldridge
Minnie Ammons
Terry Bettis
Charles Booz
David Breidenbach
Tammi Briscoe
Brenda Tabb Bristow
Ron and Lorilei Butler
Monah Cannon
Grace Carroll
Rebecca Carson
Imogene Collier
Judy Colvin
Betty Gay Cross
Sharmon Daley
Allen Daugherty
Donna  Davis
Leann Doby
Janis Felty
Linda Finch
Sylvia Forrester
Betty   Fulcher
Pat Garren
Eduardo Gonzalez
Alexandra Grima
Tammy  Guess
LaWayne Harris
Robert Hejna
Winona Henry
Janne Herfurth
Phyllis Herttenberger
Chris Hoffnagle
Annabel House
Melody Jackson
Eric Johnson
Cheryl Kelley
Peggy Layher
Marjorie Long
Sherri McAuliffe
Rick and Debbie McElmurray
LaDonna McGee
Sabrina McIlwain
Donald McInnis
Susan  McKeever
Patti Miller
Virginia Mosier
Jackie Neff
Pat Parker
Annette Leonhard Parmelly
Camille Parrish
Laurie Patel
Janet Payne
William & Lloydette Penhallagon
Richard and Camile Petree
Nancy Quinnett
Harry and Charlotte Reaugh
Penny Reimann
Yanell and Gerald Rieder
Sharon Riley
Theresa Rogers
Richard Schaefer
Jean Sherley
Don  Shiflet
Cherry Shiflet
Donna Shipp
Linda  Sikes
Gayla Simmons
Karen Spaar
Sandra Spencer
Sue Spill
Mike  Stringfellow
Chanel Terry
Beckey Throckmorton
Zane Travis
Dottie Trent
Jo Ann Wayte
Mrs. Joe Webb
Nancy Weir
I Wester
Janet Whisenhunt
Pam & Don Williford
Darla Wohlers
Diana Wood
Audrey Wright
Crystal  Yates
Teresa Yearwood
Nancy Young