Our Investigation Saves 218 Animals in West Texas Largest Ever Animal Seizure Case.

Published: October 28, 2016

"Every animal on the place had significant medical problems," was the court testimony of the vet who assisted in the huge seizure in Eula at the AM Farmer's Sanctuary.  Represented as a no-kill rescue, the "sanctuary" was actually an industrial scale hoarding case with a four foot wide river of raw sewage flowing through the back yard.  

We started our investigation over 18 months ago at the urging of people who had visited the "sanctuary" and were appalled at the condition of the animals.  We collected sworn affidavits which initially let the City of Abilene and several other area shelters to refuse to release animals to the "sanctuary."  We were assisted by two law enforcement officials who had attended our Cruelty and Abuse Training Schools.  

Since the "sanctuary" had many local supporters, virtually none of whom had actually visited the property, we brought in the Humane Society of North Texas for the investigation.  We wanted an impartial "outside" group's opinion and help, since the resulting seizure would be so big.  HSNT's undercover investigation in July of 2016 eventually led the Callahan County Sheriff to seize the animals on October 13, 2016.

Rescue the Animals, SPCA, HSNT, City of Abilene Animal Services, and the Callahan County Sheriff were on the location from dawn to well after dark, loading animals on the day of the seizure.  Because of the huge number of animals, HSNT took all of them to its facilities in the Metroplex.

We've Pledged $10,000 to Help with Medical for the Seized Animals.

Your donation will help us make good on this pledge and help us be prepared for the next seizure!

Every dog had hook worms, round worms, and tape worms.  At least 15 dogs are Heartworm positive!  Nearly every outside dog had contagious mange, acquired AFTER reaching the "sanctuary."  All outside dogs were without food, and only a few had water.  They all lived in bare dirt.

No food was found for any of the livestock, and all the smaller animals were thin.  Emergency Medical care will be expensive, which is why we have pledged $10,000 to the HSNT to help with the medical care for these 218 animals.

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