One House, 46 Chihuahuas!

Published: October 9, 2009

On October 9, 2009, our Abuse Team worked with Merkel authorities to pick up 46 Chihuahuas from a home in Merkel, Texas.  The largest single neglect case we have ever handled.  All the animals suffered from mange and other problems.

The dogs were kept in an abandoned home and apparently never let outside.  We received calls from several neighbors complaining about the smell.  When we contacted Merkel authorities they said they had noticed that the upholstered furniture from the house was often brought outside and hosed down, then returned to the home!

Our team quickly noticed that one female dog was in trouble.  She was trying to give birth and the puppy was stuck with only its head protruding.  We rushed the dog to Dr. Allen Bolt, who found that the puppy had been stuck for many hours and was quite dead.  Fortunately he was able to save the mother.

We quickly found that nearly all the dogs had mange and a variety of other problems.  The only advantage to their being kept indoors all the time was that none had heartworms.

We were able to make room in our kennels because the dogs were so small and did not mind having roommates.  Each Chihuahua was given shots, wormed, treated for mange, and put into our spay/neuter

Merkel_Care_Bear-260x188.jpgWith so many dogs, we concentrated on the sick ones, never noticing little Care Bear who was tiny, healthy and it turned out very pregnant!  She had a surprise litter of three, which brought the total to 49 Chihuahuas in all.

Nearly all the Merkel Chihuahuas have been adopted including Care Bear's puppies, but the shock to our budget lingers from having to treat so many additional dogs.  We had nearly 100 other cats and dogs
in inventory when the Chihuahuas arrived.

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