Hurricane Relief

Published: August 29, 2017

Hurricane Relief


Donations needed for Animal Rescue Groups in Hurricane Area

Rescue the Animals, SPCA and its rescue group partners nationwide are launching an effort to assist animals in the hurricane devastated area.  The situation is changing daily, but we are trying to assemble the supplies our partners will need.

First, we are asking for donations of food and supplies to our group partners in the hurricane devastated area.  Our POGO (Pets On the Go) National Network has partners in over 30 states.

Second, we are making arrangements to take animals from the hurricane area that are ready for adoption.  Many animals were already waiting for new homes in shelters or with rescue groups when the hurricane hit.  By taking these animals we will open more space for animals separated from their owners.

There were hundreds and hundreds of animals in shelters and rescue groups before Harvey arrived.  These animals are available for immediate adoption.  Hundreds of other animals will be surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them.  These are the animals we will help first.

How Many Animals are there?

     Consider that Abilene, Texas has a dog and cat population of between 40,000 and 60,000.  This means there are several hundred thousand pets scattered from Corpus Christi to Houston.  The majority of the animals that survive will never be reunited with their families.

     Why Not?  No one has the space to hold thousands and thousands of pets for months and months to put them back with their families.  Even if owners are found, they do not have the ability to take their animals back.  It may be months or even years before many displaced families are in a position to have pets again.

     This means that at some point unclaimed pets must be moved to new homes in other states.  There are thousands too many to simply foster them in hopes of finding their families.  We will be working with our partner groups in the hurricane area for the months to come to transfer these animals all over the nation.

  But, right now, we want to help open as many kennels as possible in the disaster area so that as many evacuated people as possible can find their animals quickly in their local areas.

Animal Food and Supplies Needed

     We need the items listed below to assist animals in the hurricane area.  These supplies will be sent from Abilene to rescue groups that we work with.  By sending supplies direct to groups in the hurricane area that we know, we can be sure that the supplies will be used as soon as roads open up for transport.  Due to the OVERWHELMING response, we no longer need any FOOD. 

Crates for dogs and cats   Most Important

PLASTIC CRATES:  24” length or larger

METAL CRATES:  30” length or larger

Cat Litter

Metal food and water bowls

Leashes and collars (used or inexpensive)

Towels and blankets (used is fine)  

Paper Towels and trash bags

Donation Locations

     Rescue the Animals, SPCA will have donation drop off points in the following cities


  • Rescue the Animals 4620 North First   (Our office NOT our Adoption Center)
  • Former ACCO Farm and Ranch Center now Jackson Brothers #2 at 249 S. 11th
  • Jackson Brothers at 3818 S. Treadaway
  • Pam’s Pets at 3366 N. First

Weatherford     Tractor Supply at 1718 S. Main in Weatherford

Eastland           Tractor Supply at 1401 E. Main in Eastland

Stamford          Tractor Supply at 1600 N Swenson in Stamford

NOTE:  Money donations can be made through our website 
Please note “Harvey” on donations.

How Funds Will Be Used:

     Money donated for “Harvey” will be used in one of the following ways.

1. Money will be sent to our partner rescue groups as needed for transporting and
    caring for animals.

2. Money will be used by us for medical and other costs incurred on animals that are evacuated directly from the hurricane area or animals that we take from shelters to open more space for evacuated animals.  For example, one of our partners in the Metroplex needs to make room for animals from Houston.  We are taking their animals from them to make open kennels for the Houston animals.


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Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief



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