Published: September 23, 2016

The original Facebook Post on Urgent Animals of Fort Worth read:

Reason for URGENT: Spinal Cord Fracture, Heartworm Positive
Animal ID: 33477168
Name: Dave
Breed: Heeler mix
Sex: Male
Age: 6 years, 40lbs,
Heartworm Positive
Intake: 9/14
Found: Angle & W Long

48 people were tagged on the original post, but Dave's post was shared 642 times.  He had over 277 comments, many of them people sharing Dave's status, some pledging money to help him out.  The update from the shelter later that afternoon read:

9/17: He is only having problems with not using one of his front legs and we don’t see any breaks. We think there is a fracture in the neck that may be causing some nerve issues with the leg. He does have a break to his jaw. We will send x-rays with him. - Ginger

By the miracle of Networking in the Rescue world, by 7pm, Rescue the Animals had committed to take in Dave.  The rescue world continued to work their magic and arranged a ride to Abilene for Dave.

Dave was taken to Animal Health and Medical Center, where Dr. Bolt is treating and evaluating Dave's medical needs.  

The latest update on his condition:

Dave's jaw was broken on both sides. Dr. B. said it was a booger to line up. But it's wired. He's neutered. The leg is an old injury. For a four old dog he's not been treated well. We are going to give him time to heal then evaluate the leg and treat for HW.

Dave is SAFE, Dave is being cared for.  But, Dave's vet bill is mounting and we need YOUR help.  Please visit our DONATE page to see the many ways you can help Dave and the others we help every day.