Claudette Bit By Rattler.  Help with $1,100.00 ER bill needed!

Published: August 23, 2016

Claudette bit by rattler.  Help with $1,100.00 ER bill needed!

With recent rains snakes are moving.  A very small rattler made its way into our Adoption Center and hid under a table.  Little Claudette came in from outside and walked by the table and was bitten.

Our Kay Johnson was standing nearby and dispatched the snake.  Kay and Jo Ann Bentley rushed Claudette to the ER where she stayed over night.  Despite quite a bit of swelling in her lower leg she did very well and is racing around again.

Ironically, Kay Johnson was bitten by a very small rattler years ago and spent many days in the hospital.  She is relieved that Claudette is recovering faster than she did!

Hickory Street Cafe has donated $250.00 to help Claudette.  Amy and the Hickory Street girls hope others will help too.

Donate at this link: