Animal Abuse Stories

Published: October 29, 2013

Animal Abuse Stories

The following stories are abuse/neglect stories that were previously in our newsletters.  These are just some examples of animal abuse situations the Rescue the Animals helps with.

No Rush, It’s Not 2014 Yet!

Was the dog’s owner waiting for the start of the new national health care in 2014?  He must have been.  The little dog broke his leg in early 2012 and was never treated!  Animal Services was asked to do a welfare check in December, picked up the dog, and asked APD to investigate.  With funds from the Community Foundation of Abilene, Dr. Lynn Lawhon amputated the dog’s leg and he was off to a new home.  Maybe his owner will be too!

Justice for Horses!

In October 2011, a local horse owner was convicted in Taylor County Court at Law Court on five counts of cruelty to animals and was sentenced to 2 years probation and a $4,000 fine.  Sheriff Les Bruce and his team and Lindsay Sokora of District Attorney James Edison’s office worked on this case for months.  The horses in question were seized in August of 2010 and brought to us for medical care and placement.  Unfortunately, one horse was in such bad shape that she died despite the valiant efforts of Dr. Celeste Hill, who took the horses to her ranch and provided around the clock care for them.  After months of special care, the remaining 5 horses were placed in new homes.

Daisy Dumped at Dam 

Animal dumping is a huge problem all over our area.  Thousands of unwanted cats and dogs are dumped every year.  Daisy, with multiple scrapes and bruises, was dumped at Lake Ft. Phantom along with her puppies.  The puppies quickly found homes and the Shelter 2 Shelter Coalition (one of our transfer partners) took Daisy to happier days!

Abilene Seizure  

An email from a worried family member told us of a house with a large number of dogs and cats that were being neglected.  We relayed the information to Aaron Vannoy at Abilene Animal Services who arranged to  pick up 11 animals and later went to a second address to pick up 3 more.  Several animals needed medical care, but like Snow White the Boxer, who had a horrible flea infestation, they all survived.

County Workers Save the Champ

Taylor County road crew member Ricky Walters, Wayne Helser, and David Barcuch, working south of Buffalo Gap, when Ricky saw something move in the brush well of the road and found an emaciated dog caught in a snare that was probably set for coyotes.  After untangling the dog and cutting him loose, Ricky call our office, and we raced to help the dog.  Champ had been there for days and did not have much time left.  Dr. Allen Bolt had to use bolt cutters to remove the wire noose that had worked its way deep into the dog’s ankle.  Champ lost his leg, but he came out prancing after a few days of good vittles.

Owner abandons 11 dogs                    

When Callahan County Sheriff, John Windham found 11 dogs abandoned by an owner who had moved away, we were his first call.  Despite the help of Clyde Animal Control and the Sheriff’s team, we were able to corral only 3 dogs.  The others hid in the basement of a burned out house on the property.  Sheriff Windham is still working with live traps to catch the remaining dogs.

Breeding Disaster in Eastland Ends

In February, we received unbelievable pictures of dogs in a breeding operation in Eastland.  We relayed the information to the Eastland County Sheriff’s office and within days over 100 animals were seized at two locations, one inside the city of Eastland and the other out in the country.  This is one of the largest and worst breeding disasters to ever occur in our area.  Officials in Eastland and Eastland County did a tremendous job to intervene and save these animals despite having only four kennels at their local shelter.  The dogs were quickly dispersed all over Texas to rescue groups.

These are the pictures we received that resulted in the seizure.  As you can tell, the conditions were terrible.  At a house in town, according to the Eastland city manager, they “retrieved one male dog, nine female dogs each with a litter of puppies and two pregnant females from the small room where they were housed in unsanitary conditions that were very poorly ventilated.”  Nine litters and moms in one small dark room!  “There were eleven additional dogs, including puppies, in the adjacent house and yard. The yard containing three big dogs was covered with feces. These dogs' coats which are naturally prone to matting, were all deeply matted with feces and they had feces smeared on their paws and fur.”  

"Eastland Sheriff's Department made a similar inspection of a site in the county, which turned out to house fifty dogs. They all lived outside with large amounts of feces accumulated in their pens.”  These are the dogs in tree house cages with a wire floor cutting into their pads.  Not surprisingly, all the dogs had serious health issues.  We need your help in our continuing campaign against animal neglect and abuse!


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