Advanced Animal Cruelty Investigations School

Published: June 21, 2016

June 21 and June 22 at West Central Texas Council of Governments

Organized and Paid for By Rescue the Animals, SPCA

       Rescue the Animals, SPCA is paying the tuition for 30 area law enforcement officers, animal control officers, and judges to attend an Advanced Animal Cruelty Investigations School to be held at the West
Central Texas Council of Governments on June 21 and 22.       

     Each year Rescue the Animals, SPCA pays the tuition for officers and judges to attend schools like this one to increase the number of people who understand the law concerning abused and neglected animals. 
This school will be the largest ever held.  Over 50 officers have been trained at previous schools.    

     “Our efforts in providing free schools for training are paying off through the creation of a network of trained professionals to handle animal abuse cases all over West Texas, said Paul Washburn, President of Rescue the Animals, SPCA.  “Our investment in training schools has led to more cruelty and abuse cases being filed all over West Texas as more people become familiar with the law and its protections for animals.”        

     Rescue the Animals, SPCA works with law enforcement officers all over West Texas on animal abuse and cruelty cases.  In many of these cases, Rescue the Animals, SPCA provides testimony and medical care for the animals involved as well has placing them in new homes.

     Expected attendees will come from 8 West Texas counties:  Taylor, Callahan, Eastland, Fisher, Runnels, Shackleford, Stonewall, and Nolan.

    Expected attendees include law enforcement officers and the following:
    4 Judges
    1 Sheriff
    1 Police Chief
    2 Rangers from Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association
    11 Animal Control Officers
    1 City Marshall
    2 District Attorney’s investigators
    1 Dispatcher
Instructor:  Alan Spence
Retired law enforcement officer with over 30 years experience
President, Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers
Trains officers all over the state of Texas

Topics to be covered include
Criminal and Civil law relating to animal abuse and cruelty
State law and local ordinances
Civil seizure process
Courtroom testimony and Report writing
Animal Condition Scoring and Animal Nutrition
Veterinarian evaluations
Legal documents and paperwork for cases
Animal Hoarding cases
Blood sports Investigation: Fighting dogs and roosters