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All About Rescue the Animals, SPCA

Can you take my pet or a pet I have found?

Founded in 1998, Rescue the Animals, SPCA is a 501 C 3 non-profit making all donations tax deductible, and all of our funding is from private donations.

Our activities include

  • Providing care for animals from our local and area pounds.  Our first priority is moving pound animals to safety.  We also provide emergency medical care to animals in distress. 
  • Providing assistance to law enforcement officials in over 20 West Texas counties in investigating abuse and neglect cases.  We provide medical care and housing for abused and neglected animals from all over West Texas.
  • Providing advertising for Abilene Animal Shelter and providing rebates during monthly specials to those who adopt from Abilene Animal Shelter.
  • Offer Low Cost Spay/Neuter vouchers to public.